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Dewatering Pumps Distributor

The Initial Start in India… The roots of Mody Pumps ®, Inc. began in India in 1957, almost 50 years ago by D.N.Mody;  a successful businessman in a variety of enterprises. The subcontinent had gone through a tumultuous period, British rule and subsequent partition. There was a lack of basic necessities in almost all areas, water being one of them. Mr. Mody, recognizing the acute shortage of water pumps, began importing submersible and jet pumps from the U.K. Due to high import tariffs and the depreciating value of the local currency, he was forced to begin manufacturing his own pumps and motors. Back in the 60’s Mody was the first local manufacturer to produce 4” & 6” submersible turbine pumps, which ultimately led to a full line of submersible dewatering, sludge, and wastewater pumps.

One of the Fastest Growing Manufacturers Worldwide… Mody Pumps ®, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing submersible pump manufacturers worldwide. We draw from almost half a century of experience in the submersible pump industry to deliver products that embody superior quality, reliability, peerless customer service, and solid after-sales support.  We serve the dewatering, municipal, industrial, marine, rental, and wastewater management markets by offering a complete range of dewatering pumps and a full line of wastewater and sewage pumps.

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