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South Rim Lift Station

Lift Stations/Water Transfer Systems

References available upon request

  • Lift Station Rehabilitations (New Equipment / In Kind Replacement) and or Expansions to existing systems.

  • Control System Upgrades (Constant Speed / Variable Speed) with the use of Submersible Level Transducers for Level Control or Pressure Transducers for Pressure Control. Secondary or backup system may include, mechanical floats or fiberoptic floats.

Castle Pines - Booster Station

Potable Water Booster Stations

References available upon request

  • Complete Rehabilitation or adding an additional pump for capacity

  • Piping Fabrication due to age or change in design.

  • Control System Upgrades (Constant Speed / Variable Speed)

Todd Creek Irrigation Pump Station

Irrigation Pump Stations

References available upon request

  • Single Pump systems to Multi-Pump Systems

  • Variable Speed Systems

  • Fully Automated Filters sized to the station’s current capacity, or to include future expansions. The level of filtration depends on the application and this will be discussed during the design phase.   

Water Valley - Rockbridge

Water Augmentation Transfer Pump Station

References available upon request

  • We will work with your water/design engineer to build a complete system that fits your needs as well as the application.

  • Submersible Pumps / Vertical Turbine Pumps

  • Control Systems to include constant speed and variable speed. Full Local Control and or SCADA Control. Flow Meters to totalize transferred water, and provide a feedback signal to the control system for setpoint control. Entire system can be ethernet-based for online diagnostics and or control integration.


Installation of Procured Equipment

References available upon request

  • Bar Screens / Basin Mixers / Submersible Pumps / Cyclone Separators / Blowers / Compressors, (as examples). We will work diligently with the Facility Staff and Engineers to ensure a seamless transition. The manufacture of the equipment will be contacted as needed, and we will coordinate the Certified Startup.

Equipment Only Purchases

  • Quantum Pump and Controls, LLC is a supplier of quality equipment and is willing to supply equipment when necessary. In most instances, we will recommend that our services be brought in to allow us to perform a certified startup on the equipment that we sold to the project. This is an added benefit as it provides our manufactures with the documentation that they require to fully engage their warranty on the products sold. In some cases, if a certified startup isn’t performed, the warranty doesn’t exist.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Plans

Vibration Analysis

(By Case or Annual Agreement)

  • Vibration analysis is essentially the monitoring and interpretation of the heartbeat of all mechanical equipment. Capturing this vibration in a number of different forms allows an experienced vibration analyst to diagnose equipment ailments. The advantages of vibration analysis include detection of mechanical issues such as worn bearings, rotor imbalance, coupling and bearing misalignment by measuring the amplitude and frequency of the vibration. With this knowledge, customers can prevent equipment problems well before they affect production. “All machinery seems to know when a holiday weekend is coming and inevitably decides to fail”.

Thermal Imaging for Power Distribution and Machinery

(By Case of Annual Agreement)

  • Using Thermal Cameras for Predictive Maintenance on Rotating Equipment

  • There is the chance that companies are already aware that there is something wrong with their rotating systems and simply need to locate the cause. Thermal imaging is the best option because it helps to highlight problem areas. Motors and pumps are complex devices.

  • It can take just one small error in one small element to start a chain reaction of issues. Technicians that locate that small starting point through an abnormal heat signature can diagnose the problem more easily. The most significant benefit of thermal imagers, however, is predictive maintenance. This means regularly checking equipment to spot any abnormalities before they become a problem. A high-end thermal camera system can provide detailed images of the area and store previous data for future compariso

Facility Maintenance & Services (By Case or Annual Agreement)

  • Sewage / Water Transfer, Lift Station Inspections and Maintenance.

    • Oil Changes on the Motors and or Pumps

    • Complete System Functionality Checks

    • Diagnose and Correct System Issues


  • Booster Station Inspections and Maintenance

    • Oil Changes on the Motors and or Pumps

    • Complete System Functionality Checks

    • Diagnose and Correct System Issues


  • Irrigation Pump Station Inspections and Maintenance

    • Oil Changes on the Motors and or Pumps

    • Complete System Functionality Checks

    • Diagnose and Correct System Issues

    • Spring Startup and Winter Shutdown (For Station Only)


  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility Inspections and Annual Maintenance Agreements

    • Oil Changes on the Motors and or Pumps per the manufacture’s recommendations

    • Complete System Functionality Checks working directly with the Plant Operators

    • Diagnose and Correct System Issues as they are found

    • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance on all Process Equipment

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