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Our Team

Wayne Cass - Co-Owner
David Kasper - Co-Owner
Sherry Cass - Office Manager
Dakota Davis - Lead Service Tech.
Wyatt Kasper - Service Tech.
Cody Fitzpatrick - Service Tech
Jessica Davis - Purchasing
Vanessa Cass - Service Coordinator
Amiya Cass - Sales

     Founded in 2019, Quantum Pump was brought to light due to the absence of a company that truly puts the customer first. The founders, Wayne Cass and David Kasper formally owned Equinox Pump and Controls which was sold to a larger nationwide company in 2012. Since then the existing clientele has demanded that we step away and start back up, with a similar company to fill the void that was created with that acquisition. We got into this business on accident back in the mid 90’s as both of us are aircraft mechanics by trade. Our entry into the pump world started at Metron Inc. where we were building pump stations for the irrigation industry which then expanded to the Municipal industry in the form of potable water booster systems. This went on until around 2005 when Wayne decided to go work for McLemore Pump.

     This was a new endeavor for Wayne as he had never worked on the wastewater side of things, meaning sewage industry. This was a fascinating industry and opened up an entirely new market for him. The new position only lasted about a year, and then McLemore went out of business. It was at this time that Wayne started up Equinox Pump and Controls, LLC. The new company started up fast, and with zero advertising, grew by only word of mouth. Within a couple of months, Wayne brought David on board as a partner and they built the business into a company that dominated in the Municipal Service Industry. Equinox didn’t rep any products, they were a large service company that sold equipment that they wanted to sell, not equipment that they had to sell.

     Now that some time has gone by and we are now known as Quantum Pump and Controls, we do represent a couple of manufactures and we are proud to do so. We have teamed up with only companies that care about the end result…a satisfied customer! We are so proud to serve our community and view our customers as friends, because typically when we get together its nothing but a good time.


Quantum Motto: If you’re not passionate about what you do for a living find a new position!!

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